Since 1984, the National Bike Registry (NBR) has been helping identify and return stolen bikes (and scooters) to their rightful owners. More than 48% of stolen bicycles are recovered every year by law enforcement, but only 5% are returned since they have no way to determine ownership. When a bicycle is labeled and registered in the NBR database, it can be easily identified by police and returned to its rightful owner. The NBR computer database is dedicated exclusively to bicycle registrations and is available FREE to law enforcement nationwide.

The National Bike Registry works! Every time a police officer has recovered a bike that was in our database, we have been able to quickly identify the owner so that the bike could be returned.

NBR has established a network of police departments coast-to-coast who look for the NBR label and can easily report recovered bicycles. In 1999, BoomerangIt, Inc. recognized the advantages of a truly national bicycle registration system and purchased the NBR database.

Since then, BoomerangIt, Inc. has upgraded the label and database technology for NBR and is expanding awareness of the service through outreach with law enforcement and other fiduciaries (hotels, restaurants, airports), partnership programs for non-profits and Web affiliates, as well as programs for bicycle retailers and manufacturers.

Now, by joining forces with the 529 Garage, our effective and easy-to-use system that allows even more people to register their bikes so that they can protect their investment and reduce the loss from bicycle theft. With NBR and the 529 Garage, bicycle owners everywhere can increase security, discourage theft and enjoy their bikes for years to come!

Questions about NBR? Mail us at support@project529.com.  


NBR is an official licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).
A portion of the fees paid goes to fund NCPC's Public Service Advertising Campaign